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AL – Approaching Level
OL – On Level
BL – Beyond Level

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8/31/2009 Start Smart

9/7/2009 School Days David’s New Friends
AL: School Star
OL: Sprouts
BL: The Get-Well Wall
Analyze Story Structure (TE) Story Structure (PE)
Character and Setting
short /a/a, /i/i Statements and Questions Personal Narrative
Personal Narrative paragraph-event (first day of school)
Attention to detail
9/14/2009 Making Friends Mr. Putter & Tabby Pour the Tea
AL: City Garden
OL: Garden Park
BL: Over the Fence
Analyze Story Structure (TE) Story Structure (PE)
short /e/e, /o/o, /u/u Commands and Exclamations Personal Narrative
Personal Writing- description of a neighbor or friend
Sentence Fluency
Complete sentences
OLSAT 8, Stanford 10


9/28/2009 Firefighters at Work Fighting the Fire-TFK
AL: Call 911!
OL: How We Use Fire
BL: Wildfires
Summarize (PE/TE)
Main Idea and Details
short /a/a, long /a/a_e Subjects Personal Narrative
Test Prep Writing: Personal Narrative
Use of lively words that show enthusiasm
Writing Strategy: Add words
10/5/2009 Being Yourself Meet Rosina
AL: Guide Dogs
OL: Signing a Language
BL: Technology that Helps
Summarize (PE/TE)
Main Idea and Details
short /i/i, long /i/i_e Predicates Personal Narrative
Personal Writing– introducing self to a new friend
Adhering to the topic
10/12/2009 Coming to America My Name is Yoon
AL: Remember Me
OL: Daniel’s New Home
BL: Eva’s Journey
Summarize (PE/TE)
Make and Confirm Predictions
short /o/o, long /o/o_e Sentence combining; Day 1: Combining Subjects; Day 2: Combining Predicates Personal Narrative
Journal Entry about a personal experience
Use of lively words that show enthusiasm
10/19/2009 Review

Writing Topic: Write about a time when someone helped you. Be sure to tell how you felt before and after you got help. Remember to tell the event in order.

10/26/2009 Plants Alive! Tiny Seed, The
AL: Plants You Can Eat
OL: Amazing Plants
BL: Power-Packed Plants!
Summarize (PE/TE)
Draw Conclusions
short /u/u, long /u/u_e Nouns Explanatory
Poster about how to do something, contains three steps
Picture and text match; correct sequencing of steps
11/2/2009 Animal Rescue Harbor Seal Pup Grows Up, A
AL: Whale Watch
OL: Save the Tigers
BL: Bald Eagle Alert
Summarize (PE/TE)
blends /sl/sl, /dr/dr, /sk/sk, /sp/sp, /st/st Plural Nouns Explanatory
How to care for an animal (e.g. a pet; class fish or other animal; backyard birds). Include labels, notes
Attention to detail
11/9/2009 A Hospital Visit A Trip to the Emergency Room-TFK
AL: Hospital Helpers
OL: Stay Healthy, Stay Happy
BL: It’s Easy To Be Healthy!
Summarize (PE/TE)
long /a/ay, ai Proper Nouns Personal Narrative
Test Prep Writing
Organization: Topic: beginning, middle, end
Adhering to the topic; beginning, middle, end
Writing Strategy: Sequence Map
last week of trimester 1
How Animals Grow Farfallina and Marcel
AL: Little Bat
OL: Hermie the Hermit Crab
BL: Pip the Penguin
Generate Questions (TE) As Questions (PE)
Make Inferences
long /i/i, igh, ie, y Possessive Nouns Letter
Letter to a friend
Attention to detail
Thanksgiving 11/25-27


11/30/2009 Staying Fit There’s Nothing Like Baseball
AL: Tom’s Tryouts
OL: Harry’s Game
BL: The Laughter Club
Generate Questions (TE) Ask Questions (PE)
Make Inferences
long /o/o, oa, ow, oe Plurals and Possessives Explanatory
Explanation Explain something you like to do and why you like to do it
Use of lively words
12/7/2009 Review

Writing Topic: Write a how-to article about how to take care of something. Give steps in the right order. Use details to help the reader follow the steps.

12/14/2009 Telling Stories Head, Body, Legs: A Story From Liberia
AL: Wasted Wishes
OL: Three Wishes from a Fish
BL: Three Dog Wishes
Monitor Comprehension: Reread (TE) Reread (PE)
Cause and Effect
long /e/e, ee, ea, ey, y Action Verbs Persuasive
Persuasive Poster: When/ why something is important
Picture and text match
1/4/2010 Safety First Officer Buckle and Gloria
AL: Home Safety
OL: Road Safety
BL: Water Safety
Monitor Comprehension: Read Ahead (TE) Read Ahead (PE)
Use Illustrations
long /u/u, u_e Present-tense Verbs Persuasive
Persuasive Speech: how and why you should stay safe when biking
Attention to detail; clear message
1/11/2010 Creatures Old and Older Meet the Super Croc – TFK
AL: 100-Year-Old-Animals
OL: Extinct Animals
BL: Living Fossils
Monitor Comprehension: Adjust Reading Rate (TE) Reread (PE)
digraphs /ch/ch; /sh/sh; /th/th; /hw/wh Past-tense Verbs Personal Narrative
Test Prep Writing: Personal Narrative
Adhering to the topic; beginning, middle, end
Writing Strategy: Events map
1/18/2010 Curtain Up! The Alvin Ailey Kids: Dancing As a Team
AL: Sarah Hughes, Figure Skater
OL: Zhang Nan
BL: Gregory Hines: Tap Dancing Man
Visualize (PE/TE)
digraphs /ch/ch, tch; /sh/sh; /th/th The Verb ‘Have’ Persuasive
Persuasive advertisement
Use of lively words
1/25/2010 On the Farm Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
AL: Eggcellent!
OL: Knitwits and Woolly Sweaters
BL: What Good is Goat?
Visualize (PE/TE)
Cause and Effect
blends /scr/scr-, /spr/spr-, /str/str Sentence combining Day 1: Combining Sentences; Day 2: Combining predicates Persuasive
Persuasive Letter to the Editor
Word Choice
Precise Words
2/1/2010 Review

Writing Topic: Think of something you would like your community to change or do. Write a letter to convince people you are right. Include facts and opinions and remember to use your opinion words in your letter.

2/8/2010 Animal Needs Splish! Splash! Animal Baths
AL: Yaks of the Mountains
OL: Giraffes of the Savanna
BL: Sloths of the Rainforest
Generate Questions (TE) Ask Questions (PE)
Compare and Contrast
r-controlled vowels /är/ar, /ôr/or Linking Verbs Expository
Summary ( gather information, take notes, and summarize )
Punctuation and capitalization
2/15/2010 Animal Survival Goose’s Story
AL: Dolphin Rescue
OL: The Last Pond
BL: The Lost Elephant
Generate Questions (TE) Ask Questions (PE)
Cause and Effect
r-controlled vowel /ûr/er, ir, ur Helping Verbs News Story
News Story (may research information)
Attention to details
2/22/2010 Helping Planet Earth A Way To Help Planet Earth–TFK
AL: What Happens to Your Trash?
OL: Spoiled by a Spill
BL: Simple Ideas to Save the Earth
Generate Questions (TE) Ask Questions (PE)
variant vowel /u/oo, ou Irregular Verbs Persuasive
Test Prep Writing: Persuasive
One main idea and supporting details
Writing Strategy: Make a list
last week of trimester 2
Wild Weather Super Storms
AL: The Snowed-Under Sled
OL: That’s Wild!
BL: Storm Riders
Monitor Comprehension: Reread (TE) Reread (PE)
Make and Confirm Predictions
variant vowel /ü/oo, ui, ew Irregular verbs Expository
Comparison/Contrast paragraph-about weather
Attention to details
3/8/2010 Habitats and Homes Nutik, the Wolf Pup
AL: The Rainforest
OL: The Coral Reef
BL: Grasslands
Monitor Comprehension: Adjust Reading Rate (TE) Reread (PE)
Make Inferences
variant vowel /ô/au, aw Contractions Book Report
Book Report/ Review
Word Choice
Precise words
3/15/2010 Review

Writing Topic: Write about a topic that has something to do with the earth, ocean, or sky. Think of the main idea you want to share about your topic. Think of details that tell more about the main idea. Remember to use your own words to summarize the facts and details you find.

3/22/2010 Life In the Desert Dig, Wait, Listen: A Desert Toad’s Tale
AL: Sonoran Desert Animals
OL: Australian Desert Animals
BL: Kalahari Desert Animals
Summarize (TE)
Author’s Purpose (PE)
diphthong /ou/ow, ou Pronouns Fictional Narrative
dialogue (for a fictional character or animal in the desert)
Lively Words
4/5/2010 Play Time! Pushing Up the Sky
AL: Sky Colors
OL: Why the Sky Is Far Away
BL: Sky Seeds
Visualize (PE/TE)
Problem and Solution
diphthong /oi/oi, oy I and me, we and us Play
Fantasy-short play
Play structure
4/12/2010 Exploration Columbus Explores New Lands–TFK
AL: Discovering Shipwrecks
OL: Exploring the South Pole
BL: Discovering Lost Cities
Summarize (PE/TE)
Main Idea and Details
schwa /?/a Possessive Pronouns Extended Response to Literature
Test Prep Writing: Extended Response to Literature
Punctuation and capitalization
Writing Strateg: Use details
4/19/2010 In the Garden Ugly Vegetables, The
AL: All About Pumpkins
OL: All About Tomatoes
BL: All About Corn
Summarize (TE/PE)
consonants /n/gn, kn; /r/wr; /m/mb Pronouns-verb Agreement Story
Story (realistic story about a family)
Attention to detail
4/26/2010 Our Moon Moon, The
AL: Let’s Visit Space!
OL: Star Sailor
BL: Wathcing the Stars
Summarize (TE/PE)
Classify and Categorize
hard/soft consonants /k/c, /g/g; /s/c, /j/g Contractions Fictional Narrative
Description of an imaginary place; setting )
Adhering to the topic; beginning, middle, end
5/3/2010 Review

Writing Topic: Write a story about a character who has a problem and then solve it. Remember that your story should have a clean beginning, middle and end.

5/10/2010 Count on a Celebration! Mice and Beans
AL: Saving Sofia
OL: A Party and a Half
BL: A Lucky New Year
Analyze Story Structure (TE) Story Structure (PE)
Fantasy and Reality
endings -dge, -ge, -lge, -nge, -rge Adjectives Descriptive
Poster/flyer: description of an event
Word Choice
Precise words
5/17/2010 Creating Stories Stirring Up Memories
AL: Illustrators at Work
OL: A World of Words
BL: Shutterbugs
Analyze Text Structure (TE) Text Structure (PE)
Draw Conclusions
r-controlled vowels /är/ar; /âr/are, air Use ‘a’ and ‘an’ Poem
Descriptive Poem
Lively words that show enthusiasm
5/24/2010 Worlds of Art Music of the Stone Age–TFK
AL: A World of Colors
OL: A Collection of Cats
BL: A World of Puppets
Analyze Text Structure (TE) Text Structure (PE)
Make Judgments
r-controlled vowels /ûr/er; /îr/eer, ere, ear Adjectives that Compare Fictional Narrative
Test Prep Writing: Fictional Narrative
Beginning, middle, end
Writing Strategy: Story Map
5/31/2010 Inventors Then and Now African-American Inventors
AL: Telephones Then and Now
OL: Cars Then and Now
BL: Computers Then and Now
Monitor Comprehension (TE) Reread (PE)
Compare and Contrast
r-controlled vowel /ôr/or, ore, oar Adverbs Biography
Attention to detail
last week of trimester 3

Writing Topic: Write an article that compares/contrasts 2 objects or people. You may want to write about your 2 favorite foods or your 2 closest friends. Write the facts in an order that makes sense. Use compare/contrast words to make your meaning clear.