So the scoop is this… During a Twitter discussion on New Year’s Day, I saw the idea of creating a daily picture for each day of the New Year.  A snapshot of our lives being lived out for 365 days during the year.  Knowing my limitations, with all the plates spinning in my life, I sought to find an application to make my experience less stressful.  I wanted an app that would seamlessly flow into my life, be easy to import and allow me to print them as a completed #365project.  On the scene, rose Shuttercal.  They are not new, just “new” to me.  They have been in operation since December 2007 and have some great features.

shoebox was included in the “best of the web – 2009″ section of ComputerActive! Magazine’s December 2009 issue  and looks to maintain its prestige with lots of new features in the coming year according to their most recent Blog posting

1.  It’s free to sign up…

2.  They have an iphone app for easy upload

3. You can add text/quotes to each image

4.  They provide a monthly printing service

5.  There is even a storage box to house the entire year.

6. Most importanly, they are willing to listen to the needs of their customers

Check out the video for additional information on Shuttercal.

Which leads me to my next plug.  Just the other night, I met a fabulous educator on twitter (@nsharoff) and we were discussing the use of Shuttercal  in the classroom.  Within an hour, I received a text from the Creator Scott Harris.  They are apparently looking to add an educational component to their already excellent services.  Any company that is willing to listen to the needs of their customers with such rapid style is high on my list.

scott harris

Here’s some of what I learned from an email from Scott:

“We are in the first stages of putting together a beta group of teachers and educators to supply feedback as we develop “ShutterCal Classrooms”, an extension of SC designed specifically for teachers and their students.
Picture the ShutterCal calendar structure – within a safe teacher controlled environment where teachers can:

  1. Set up and control a digital classroom, student roster, and student accounts
  2. List assignments on a “chalkboard” forum
  3. Link to other classrooms, and collaborative projects
  4. Communicate, compair strategies, and share resources with other teachers.”

Sound interesting to you?  They are looking for educators like yourself to join the Beta Group?  Simply send an e-mail to with the subject “SC classroom beta” and you will automatically be placed on the list.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out Shuttercal and/or join the discussion.  If you are too busy to join, then post your ideas on this wallwisher that I have created and we can share them for you.