It’s a day that is etched into the minds of many Americans as one of the most horrific events to ever witness on television.  I remember being in my first grade classroom when the attacks had been made on the two Twin Towers.  Most of us had not yet made it to lunch but our Principal came on the intercom to inform us of to check our emails as soon as possible.  We were all a little spooked by the announcement anyway but what came thereafter could not have been imagined.  How could something so horrific occur right in our biggest city without anyone else’s knowledge?  So many souls perished that day and so many families are still in mourning over this tragic event.  So many heroes risking their lives for the good of others.  There is no greater love than what these heroes put forth that day, when they laid down their own lives for the survival of others.   It is a day that we will forever be remembered in our nation’s history.  A day that we must never forget!

I ran across a video that I thought spoke volumes about our Nation and its current state.  I hope it encourages you as much as it did me this morning.

Video link:

Remember September 11th